Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big. Oversized. Gargantuan, even.

Nothing in Vegas is executed on a small scale. Not the Las Vegas Convention Center, not CES itself, nor any of the demos or the surgically enhanced bodies of many of the demo dollies. But, the Panasonic 150" plasma is in a class by itself. It's HUGE. And it looks really good, too.

While one can make a comparison between the price and availability of certain demo dollies and prototypes such as a 150" TV, I'll defer to the reader to do so.

But, maybe more often than not, bigger isn't better. Just as you can never be too thin or too rich (or a third one, I hear...), I find the ultra-thin flat panels being shown by Panasonic, Sharp, and others to be much more compelling than a massive TV. Not only do I not know too many people who'd be able to afford a 150" flat panel, I don't know too many more who have an 11 foot wide wall on which to place said TV. But, I know a ton of people who'd love a TV less than an inch thick. Here, thin trumps big, hands down. Never more so than at CES, the old golf adage still holds true.

Drive for show, putt for dough.

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