Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Of note from CES, Day 1

Admittedly, I didn't make the full rounds on day one. In fact, making it through the 2nd floor of South Hall was a ginormous challenge, bumping into familiar faces every few steps. In my seriously limited wandering, a couple of items stood out:

Lots of talk about delivering HD content wirelessly inside the digital home. Yet, almost no recognition of meeting the (justifiably) onerous demands of DCP, LLC to do so. Odd. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

If you've made the switch to a BlackBerry Curve, as I have (with T-Mobile's Hotspot @ Home), and find the Curve to be a bit too small for your hands, check out the ruggedized Curve case from Otter Box. While some folks think that I've ruined the coolness of a diminutive BlackBerry with a full keyboard, I believe that the Otter Box case provides both sufficient heft for a guy's hands while also protecting the device from drops. Knowing that my 8700 jumped out of my holster many a time, the Otter Box Curve case + holster (which also has the magnet to lock the screen) provides some serious peace of mind.

A really logical design for USB 3.0 cables. I won't rehash it here, as you can find more info elsewhere, but net-net, somebody was thinking hard and well about the design of the next-gen USB cable.

Booth numbering appears to have been performed by someone with a poor to non-existent grasp of the numbers 0-9. Yes, it's bad every year, but consistency is no excuse for lunacy.

Lots more to come...

As an endnote, only at CES would one ever sit down at a blackjack table with 4 Korean guys and have the table language be Spanish--3 of the guys based in Bogota, 1 based in Panama, with a Panamanian dealer. Yet another reason to enjoy CES, despite a few warts.

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