Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Jawbone Thoughts, Day 5

A few more thoughts on the New Jawbone, now that I've been using it for nearly a week...

Range/quality ratio seems to be similar to that of the original Jawbone. I've sat as far as 20 feet away from my BlackBerry while using the new Jawbone, and quality is good--assuming direct line of sight. As you might expect, anything that interferes with line of sight attenuates the signal. Walking into another room leads to signal loss; moving into another room, particularly more than about 15 feet away in the Faraday Cage that we call our home, leads to an almost unusable connection. Again, this is similar performance to the original Jawbone, and is perfectly acceptable in my mind.

The inclusion of an audible tone to alert when you've come back into range is a welcome addition. On the original Jawbone, you'd get a really annoying tone (thankfully ameliorated in the new Jawbone) when you walked out of range, but would have no mechanism to know when you'd walked back into range. Now, you receive a nice, soft tone to inform you that you're back in range. Way cool.

Finally, I still haven't found a totally comfortable fit with with the ear hook. I don't find the fit painful or uncomfortable per se, but I'm just not getting a warm fuzzy yet in terms of fit. My next step is going to be a pair of pliers, in an attempt to better shape the ear hook to my ear shape.

Further updates as events warrant.

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  1. Eeek! Careful with those pliers! that metal is really brittle! The are stiff, lightweight, but they don't bend well. :-(

    I found this out when I tried to keep the device in my shirt pocket one day. One good hug, and the loop didn't bend, it just snapped, leaving the bit of metal in the swivel-socket in the headset. They don't solder well, either. :-(

    Maybe that's why you get one for each ear...so the first mistake doesn't completely put you out of service. ;-)