Monday, June 16, 2008

New Jawbone--Less is More

After more than a month with the new Jawbone, I still wasn't comfortable with the fit of the earpiece. I happened to mention this to a buddy who has the original Jawbone, and has been using his with no earhook, just the Jabra eargel. He suggested that I remove the earhook, and try the new Jawbone by itself (with the Jabra eargel, of course).

Voila! Comfy.

Thanks Whit.

A few other thoughts after a month's use...

First, battery life isn't nearly as good as the original. Yes, that's a fair trade-off for the smaller size, but I'd gotten used to 6+ hours of talk time on the original. I'm getting about 4.25 hours of talk time out of the new Jawbone--not bad, but not what I was hoping for. Still worth the purchase price, though.

Second, multiple pairing doesn't work very well, if at all. I've played with it just a little, trying to go from connected to my BlackBerry to connected to my Mac. I'm already paired with both devices, but going from one to the other is kludgy, and going back was worse. I need to play with this a little more; I'm sure others on the 'Net have performed much more in-depth testing than I have, so I'll leave it to the blogosphere to address this issue.

Finally, as we approach the five-week anniversary of the new Jawbone's introduction, Aliph still hasn't brought up their Club Jawbone site. A month ago, I mentioned what a tremendous marketing and CRM opportunity they'd missed by not having Club Jawbone ready upon introduction of the new unit; worse, they still, still don't have a mechanism in place to capture e-mail addresses of those who visit the site. I'd love to know how many hundreds of thousands of people have clicked that link over the last 4 1/2 weeks. I'm obviously in the minority in wanting to know that, as Aliph doesn't seem to care.


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