Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The All-Star Forward-Slash Backlash

Three items of note as we finish our first of three nights with no meaningful baseball...

First, I think there's gotta be some sort of higher power guiding Josh Hamilton. I mean, what a great way to put forth his message--national TV, crushing the old Home Run Derby record, all the while giving kids a chance to reflect on where he'd been, and where he is now.

Second, the double play combo of Whoopi-to-Billy-to-Tino may not be Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance, but they certainly made their own twin killing memorable--way better than Miksis-to-Smalley-to-Addison Street, the famed double-play combo I grew up hearing about.

Third, let's try a short quiz, shall we?

A) Saul Hudson, lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses, was better known as?
B) Kordell Stewart, late of the Steelers, was better known as?
C) In bowling, you record a spare using what symbol?

Right. SLASH. Not "forward-slash".

Slash is the word, is the word, that you heard. (If you didn't see Grease, that means nothing to you)

Actually, slash is the symbol. Slash is used in web addresses. Backslash isn't--period. Slash is the hierarchical separator in URLs. Backslash isn't legal. Yet, for some reason, just about every single baseball promo that contains a web address for anything other than the main home page itself (e.g., www.cubs.com, www.sfgiants.com) also seems to contain one of two incorrect statements, both of which are galling to anybody with any type of geek credentials, earned or self-awarded. I hear way too many promos read with the broadcaster saying either "www.cubs.com 'forward-slash' tickets" or "www.sfgiants.com 'backslash' nbc" (as examples). To be clear, I don't think the broadcasters are at fault here--they're reading what they're handed on the promo card. But it's wrong, and it sounds brutal.

Garbage in, garbage out...kind of like the Cubs of my youth. Even though he only spent 2 1/2 months in the Friendly Confines in the summer of '74, I'm reminded of Billy Grabarkewitz and others, guys whom the Cubs signed in hopes of them resurrecting their careers with one final fling of day baseball.

Yeah, that worked well.

So, hey, Mr.-I'm-in-the-booth-with-Kruk-and-Kuip, Mr.-I'm-in-the-booth-with-Len-and-Bob, and Mr.-I'm-in-the-booth-with-Ray-and-Glen--how about writing some promos that get it right.


Don't burn. The geeks in your audience will applaud.

P.S. Len Kasper carries a black MacBook. How freakin' cool is he?

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  1. Jeez... alright.. I will print and forward your take on this very important matter to Tom McDonald who is the Sr VP of Consumer Marketing for the Giants. I will also forward this Dani Holmes at the Cubs who does their reads, and then just as a kicker I will forward to CSNBA sales group to make them aware of the nomenclature.