Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Jawbone + Jabra MiniGel How To

A number of folks have asked about the mechanics of replacing the new Jawbone's earpiece with the Jabra MiniGel, and whether glue was necessary (nope). With no baseball on the tube this evening, I figured I'd snap some quick photos to illustrate the relative ease of attaching the MiniGel. Click on the smaller photos for larger versions.

Step 1--source the Jabra MiniGels, from Hello Direct,, or your favorite aural polymer provider.

Step 2--remove the existing earpiece from your new Jawbone. I've chosen not to cover that here; if you're reading this, you can likely figure out this part. Prepare your workspace (as if).

Step 3--observe the recessed area directly behind the earpiece lip. The MiniGel will stretch over the lip, snugly fitting into the recessed area.

Step 4--place the MiniGel's opening over the lip of the Jawbone, and pull the gel entirely over the lip. Note from the pressure you can see on my right thumb in the second photo that this does require a smidge of forcefulness. At no time was I worried about the Jawbone's earpiece breaking off. However, from the mandatory disclaimer department, I assume no responsibility if you were unlucky enough to get an earpiece from a defective injection mold.

Step 5--rotate the gel to about 7:30 if you're going to use it in your right ear, or 4:30 if you're going to use it in your left ear.

One thing that I've found is that the gel's fit on the earpiece is snug--so snug that it's very difficult to rotate the gel on the earpiece. I hadn't realized that this would be the case, as I'd simply transferred my (old grungy) MiniGel from my original Jawbone to my new Jawbone. Over the course of time, the previous gel stretched out quite a bit, as a result of too little care and feeding. The new gel is dramatically tighter, so once you've attached it, I'd be extremely surprised if you felt the need to add glue.

Step 6--there is NO step 6. Unless your name is Bruce.


  1. Too funny. At 6:30pm I Googled "New Jawbone" and "earpiece" or "earbud", hoping to find instructions to do exactly this. Took 1 minute to retrofit my New JB to my old Jabra earbud. Works like a charm. Thanks!

  2. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this little tutorial. It makes a world of difference. I can finally appreciate my Jawbone II a lot more. What I also found out what works is keeping the smallest OEM Jawbone II earbud on and putting Jabra's regular eargel over it. It's actually a little more comfortable than the minigel but doesn't fit as snug. It still stays on fairly well pulling it in and out of the pocket.

  3. Thank you man. This worked for me as well. I will probably not return the unit now.

  4. Funny-eared people unite!!! :-D This is just what I was looking for. It is not difficult to make this change, but your fine photographs help make sense of the MiniGels. The MiniGels have made a ho-hum experiece with the Jawbone ii into an exceptional experience. The sound is less tinny and much louder. Thanks for the excellent info.

  5. Thank you so much for this. The original equipment for the Jawbone 2 did not fit my ears at all. It kept moving around and was not snug. It was to the point where I would have to hold it sometimes in order to speak. It took me one minute to order the piece, two days to get it, and 10 seconds to attach it.

    Thanks again!


  6. Thanks so much for this; however, i tried it and the ear gel came out to be too.."thick". The gel made the jawbone no longer able to rest against my cheek because it created an angle..did you have this problem? hoe do you think i could fix it?

  7. Some packages of the minigels will have 2 different sizes of gels. The longer one pictured above and a shorter stout one. I have to use the shorter stout one for my ear and the Jawbone II to fit properly against my cheek without moving. No more issues!

  8. Will the minigels fit on a Blueant z9i?