Friday, August 22, 2008

New Jawbone battery life

Man, Thursdays suck. Don't get me wrong--generally, they're great, because you're past Hump Day, with only one more day till the weekend. What I really mean is, Thursdays for me require somewhere between six and ten hours on the phone for various standards and customer calls. If I'm at my desk, I do some/most of these calls from a landline. However, if I'm on the road, that means I'm on my BlackBerry and my (no longer so) New Jawbone.

Most days, the 4-4.5 hour talk time of the New Jawbone is sufficient, but on Thursdays, it's a non-starter. So, I've charged up the old Jawbone, and intend to use the original on Thursday from here on out. I used to get 7+ hours out of the original Jawbone when it was new; if I can get 6 these days, it'll be more than worth the extra heft. That said, putting the old Jawbone in my ear feels like the comparative difference between a regular carhop order and something that Fred Flintstone would order.

One more annoying thing--when the New Jawbone dies, there's no dying-man's-last-gasp--i.e., a tone to let you know that the battery's conked out. Nope, just pure silence; I can never tell if that's attributable to the noise canceling capabilities of the other party's headset, or just me being dead in the water.

Yep, the latter. I'm throwing my BlackBerry wired headset in the car just in case...

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  1. Hey Coop, or is is heyCoop,

    in any event, I think it is time to move off Jaw bone and on to more pressing issues. Spectrum for example would good to hear your perspective on, or DNLA, or next gen interctive many topics.

    what about Google's whitespace position...are these guys clueless or what.

    We need to old heyCoop back, the guy with the diverse depth analysis, travel stories, etc...that's what heyCoop is all about!!