Friday, August 22, 2008

New Jawbone Carrying Case

I receive a lot of questions about how I carry my Jawbone. Unfortunately, the answers are A) in my pocket, or B) in an outer pocket on whatever bag I'm carrying at that moment. I yearn for the days of my Plantronics 640 and 655, with their nifty carrying cases which clip right into a pocket or shirt placket.

That said, I can make one recommendation for a way to protect your new Jawbone (or other small devices) when traveling. From the never-send-a-boy-to-do-a-man's-job category, the OtterBox 1000 from the eponymous company offers an unparalleled level of protection. If you're a suspenders-and-belt person, the OtterBox 1000 provides an awesome way to mitigate the risk associated with carrying an expensive headset in your pocket/bag. Plus, the 1000 can make the blind-feel-in-bag-for-headset exercise a thing of the past. All too often, I end up digging around in my bag once the plane has landed, trying to locate my Jawbone. When I travel with my 1000, I never have that issue. The 1000 is also fantastic for carrying compact digital cameras; my Canon SD700 IS fits perfectly inside the OtterBox 1000 case. If I'm on a boat or otherwise near water, my camera's in my OtterBox 1000.

Speaking of OtterBox, long-time readers will recall how much I (still) love my black Otterbox Defender case for my BlackBerry Curve. The Curve itself is a fairly delicate and pretty expensive piece of kit. I drop my Curve about once a month, whether I need to or not. Not to jinx myself here, but the Defender has saved me every time, along with providing sufficient heft that I can type without worrying that the device is going to fly out of my hands.

I doubt that OtterBox would make a case one-third the size (the OtterBox 333.3?) of the 1000, but if they did, it'd be an awesome carrying case for a Bluetooth device. The 1000 retails for $11.49. I'd pay that for a case one-half to one-third the size of the 1000; at less than $10, it'd be a no brainer.

So, OtterBox, maybe there's an idea for you--the OtterBox 500, at half the width and two-thirds the height of the 1000, priced at $9.95, with the goal of carrying compact Bluetooth headsets securely and safely...

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