Thursday, November 27, 2008

BlackBerry Storm and its Non-Existent Wi-Fi...

Does the lack of Wi-Fi on the new BlackBerry Storm matter? Check out my answer to a LinkedIn question here.

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  1. Hey Coop -
    Nice answer. I am week number 1.5 into the world of blackberry and I cut my teeth on the Storm. My Verizon service is horrendous -- truly. I actually convinced Verizon Corp to come to my house a few years ago.

    The bottom line is that technology will trump everything. Being truly productive on a Blackberry is a stretch. No matter what the screen size, speed of connection, resolution of graphics, and mobile application augments, there is only so much one will be able to do within a 4" foot print. It's a tool of value only to "this" point (see my hand?). A road warrior PC can be even more productive AND carry voice traffic. 4G networks will make blazing hot connections available in larger MSAs and will push out from there in the next two years. There will always be more bandwidth available than the people "need." That's the nature of our business... being one step ahead of demand. Only the minor few like you have such a need global ubiquitous internetworking solutions. You guys drive the ideas but the consumer drives the solution.

    ps. In May of 2005 the GSM blackberry service was perfectly adequate at the Badaling Gate on top of the Great Wall of China. I can only imagine what it's like in Europe three years later....