Saturday, September 26, 2009

R.I.P. Rosemary Stasek

I was saddened today to receive the following note about the untimely passing of Rosemary Stasek. Our paths crossed all too briefly during our time together at WebTV, before she went on to bigger and better things as mayor of Mountain View, and ultimately her move to Kabul a few years ago. Rosemary was a woman who believed she could do more than a little bit to change the world--in particular, to improve the lives of Afghan women. ...a little help, her charity, will hopefully live on to continue and honor her work.

So, if you wonder why flags are at half-staff in Mountain View this weekend, please think of Rosemary and her family.

Rosemary, we'll miss truly were the change you wished to see in the world...

Subject: Passing of Rosemary Stasek

I am very sad to have to report that Rosemary past away very suddenly on Thursday night, 24 September in Kabul due to complications linked to her illness. Some of you may not have know that Rosemary was diagnosed with being in the early stages of MS in March this year

For those that do not know me, my name is Morne du Preez, Rosemary's husband of the past 2 years and four months. Rosemary and I met in Kabul and married 6 months therafter, shortly after Rosemary became ill. Some of the happiest years of my life and a time in my life that I will never ever forget.

My apologies for sending out this message by Facebook, but Rosemary had so many friends all across the world and to be able to try and contact every person individually would be impossible.

Arrangements are being for repatriation to the US and we intend to have funeral arrangements in the next few days for a funeral in Rosemary's hometown of McAdoo, PA. Details will be made available.

I would like to encourage friends and family of Rosemary to visit the newly put up tribute blog for Rosemary to add their memories of this special special lady we have all lost.

Decisions are yet to be made regarding the future of A Little Help, Rosemary's NGO in Afghanistan, but for now I have fantastic support from the young Afghan ladies who have been assisting Rosemary in Kabul and the ongoing projects will continue at this time.

Rosemary was such a fantastic partner and from the day we met I fell in love with her and wanted her by my side for the rest of my days.

I wish to thank everybody for the emails, and calls and ask that you keep Rosemary's parents, Andrew and Patricia Stasek and family and friends in your prayers during this tough time.

Andrew and Patricia can be contacted on email:

Mail can be sent to:

241 W. Blaine street

Thank you,

Morne du Preez

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